Commander League

Commander League Event Rules

Alpha Games is excited to host a Commander League as one of our premiere recurring events! The format is simple enough where you play in as many games as you want for the month with prizes handed out at the end of the month, but there are still plenty of details so here’s how it all works.

Our Commander League runs in seasons. Any sanctioned Commander League event you play in at our store during a season enters you into that season, with chances to win prizes at the end of the season. Seasons are run by calendar months. Any prize points you earn during a season are for that season only. After the last Commander League event of the month is held then that season officially ends and prizes for that season are handed out. Your prize points are then cleared out to zero again and the next season begins! The more prize points you earn in a season, the higher you’ll rank in placement.


Unless scheduled otherwise on our store calendar, Commander League events are held on the following days and times:

Fridays Store Hours: 6PM to 10PM

7:00PM Start - Commander League Round #1

8:30PM Start - Commander League Round #2

Sundays Store Hours: 1PM to 5PM

2:00PM Start - Commander League Round #1

3:30PM Start - Commander League Round #2


Each event is flexible in that you can show up for both rounds of an event or just one. The entry fee is $5 regardless. Each round of an event is then treated as a separate game, so you can play a different deck for each round if you like.

Our Friday events are a little bit more special in that they are official Friday Night Magic events, meaning you have the chance to win FNM promo cards during those Friday night events you attend! Unlike the prizes given out at the end of the month, these FNM promos will be handed out immediately based on your placement in the night’s event only.

The following rules and details also apply:

  • We follow the rules as outlined by the Rules Committee for general gameplay and deck construction at This includes the latest ban list.
  • No proxy cards.
  • Your deck can have an optional sideboard of 10 cards, however, no sideboarding is actually allowed. Your sideboard is solely for the use of “Wish” style cards (and others) that refer to cards outside of the game.
  • Preference is for 4-5 player pods. Minimum pod size is 3 players.
  • 80 minute rounds.
  • One game is played per round.
  • Players get assigned to newly formed pods at the beginning of each round with randomized seating (player attendance count permitting).
  • If round time expires before a game has completed, then three more cycles of turns around the table are played before the game ends (starting after the turn of the active player when time is called for the round).

Prize points are accumulated after each round based on the following:

  • All players who remained in the game until its conclusion are awarded 1 prize point (conceding is allowed, but you will not earn this particular prize point if you do).
  • Winning players earn a number of additional prize points equal to the number of players in their pod minus 2 (minimum of 1 extra prize point for this).
  • After the game, each player votes for another player besides themself. Each votes awards the receiving player 1 additional prize point. Use your vote to show who you thought had the best play, brought the most fun deck or that you had the most fun playing against.
  • If for whatever reason you drop from the round, concede, or fail to provide a vote, you forfeit any prize points you might have earned for the round.

Brawl decks are welcomed as well! If you want to bring a Brawl deck to play in the Commander League then you will be matched up against other Brawl decks as player attendance permits, otherwise we’ll still run games with Brawl and Commander decks mixed in the same pod. If a pod runs with only Brawl decks, then all appropriate Brawl format rules will apply for that game (such as starting at 30 life).