1st place prize is one of the Commander 2017 decks when an event fires with 8 or more players!

Event Rules

Commander mayhem is upon us! Alpha Games hosts a half-casual/half-competitive Commander event on Friday nights and Sunday afternoons (in addition to our other premier events), and if you’re curious how it works, here are the details.

Note, these are sanctioned events under the Wizards Play Network, with our Friday Commander event being a Friday Night Magic event with FNM promos going to the top winners.

  • We follow the rules as outlined by the Rules Committee for general gameplay and deck construction at This includes the latest ban list.
  • No proxy cards.
  • You can provide an optional sideboard of 10 cards, however, no sideboarding is allowed. Your sideboard is solely for the use of “Wish” style cards (and others) that refer to cards outside of the game.
  • Your deck must be registered and checked before the beginning of the event.
  • You play the same deck for all rounds.
  • Preference is for 5 player pods. Minimum pod size is 3 players.
  • 50 minute rounds.
  • One game is played per round.
  • Players get assigned to newly formed pods at the beginning of each round (player attendance count permitting).
  • If round time expires before a game has completed, then two more cycles of turns around the table are played before the game ends in a draw (starting after the turn of the active player).
  • At the end of each round, prize points earned for that round are calculated as follows:
    • The winner of the round gets 3 prize points.
    • All other players who remained in the game until its conclusion are awarded 1 prize point (conceding is allowed, but you will not earn this particular prize point if you do).
    • Everyone in the pod then votes for the player in that game who they think had the best game or best play (excluding voting for themselves). Each vote rewards that player 1 prize point.
  • Prize payout is in packs from the latest Magic: The Gathering set based on the amount of prize points you’ve won and player attendance count.